A Gift for you

That is what the card said.

I was so eager to open the package. I recognized the senders name, and address, but I had not ordered anything yet. She had a hook I wanted, but I had asked her to hold it for me until the 6th. had she sent it anyway, knowing that I would pay her on the 6th?  In my mind, I am eager, and yet thinking I need to caution her, sometimes my world does not work the way I want it to.  This is what I found inside the package. It is the hook, but not an extension of credit from Tera. A gift from another friend. Completely unexpected. My eyes stung just a bit.


I grabbed it, with enough surprise in my action that my cat ran off, (Sorry Bear) I felt the tool like I was afraid of it, and wanted to ingest it at the same time. I could tell it was going to take some getting used to, It is remarkably light weight. Like holing solid air. I could also tell it would need a bit of smoothing. Instead of grabbing the 200 grit sand paper, I went for the cotton yarn I was building a bib with. I formed a slip knot, and put it on the hook as if to hook a chain. My husband looked at me in amazement while I  ran this loop up and down the length of the hook. He has watched me do odd things in the past, but this struck him as particularly bizarre. Before long, I was giddy. The hook picked up a shine, like freshly buffed shoes, and felt undeniably smooth. A few minutes later, I was perched on the porch giving this new toy a trial run. Because of the blunt head, I chose to work a swatch in the Linen Stitch. ( just learned the name of this one, I had always called it Mile-A- Minute) {another post, for another day} 

It took a few minutes to get things rolling smoothly. there is a natural burr, right behind the head of the hook that wants to catch, and stop the rapid flow of the stitch. I will be spending more time working with Cotton yarn, and then thread to ease that little area into submission. It improved dramatically in just the few minutes I worked on the swatch.Image

While I originally planned on doing a quick little “Thank You” to the sender, and the creator of this wonderful Cotton hook, it has in fairness become a review. So let’s make it a fair review.

I will start by saying, I LOVE IT

This type hook is not for everyone.Think of Olivander’s Wands, and how they chose their owner. This is exactly like that.  It requires an investment. Before you purchase the hook, take the time to look at them. If a hook has a visual interest, but an odd angle, ask Tera to post a photo of her holding the hook. Does it look like a fit you can work with? Once you have it home, then the TIME element will become obvious. The cotton stalk it is carved from will yield to it’s user, but. It will take time to ease into a fit.

 5 years ago, I would not have appreciated it. I was in a place where, out of the box, I wanted instant gratification. If that is you, Stick with commercially made aluminum or plastic hooks.

Ready to see, feel and work with a custom designed hook, created from an amazingly resilient renewable resource? visit Tera at  Trifles and Treasures  https://www.facebook.com/TriflesNTreasures  



4 thoughts on “A Gift for you

  1. All I can say is WOW! Thank you for such an amazing review! I am happy this little beauty made it to you safely, and your gifter and I were able to remain secretive about it until you received it ❤ I kept the first one of these that I made, because I instantly fell in love with the feel of it in my hand, and the ease with which it created stitches. Being made from a cotton stalk, I believe cotton yarn is the perfect tool to condition it with, just as you did!

    1. I have not gotten buttons yet, her inventory is exhausted before I realize she has posted them. Sadly, I cannot live online. I miss so many posts from my wonderful creative friends. I’ll get my chance.

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