So many Options

I have continued delving into the world of “Publishing” Crochet Patterns

A quick Google Search revealed a multitude of Articles, some Blog Posts, with vague wording that held little meat, and some that were pretty good reads.  I enjoyed the articles that had meat to them. The ones that actually gave information relevant to the process. I hope I can offer tangible information here, I do not want to offer a page that has a bunch of words, but no value.

I read this article with interest, Even though it is 5 years old, I did not discover outdated information.

This posting gave an interesting perspective, and I actually pondered some of the author’s words more than once. I will say as a disclaimer, she is not a designer, and yet I found the thought put into this article really provoking. A sort of “grab you by the belt and hold you up” read.

The most straight forward information came from the publications themselves.  I am looking really closely at two different publications.  I also have a yarn company in my site-line.

I have also moved forward, all be it ever so slowly, to the pattern development phase, I like where it is going, I have a road ahead of me. It isn’t paved, but for now, I am not stomping in mud puddles, or tripping over rocks.



2 thoughts on “So many Options

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the link to my advice for designers. It’s so true that I’m not a designer myself but I’ve done a lot of work with them over the years (collaborations, reviews, etc.) and I tried really hard to put together some good advice in that piece. I’m so glad that it came across well and is helpful in some way!

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