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Moving Day

I hate to do it, I was just getting comfortable.

I discovered that in order to work effectively toward my long term goals, I need to move to another hosting service.  While it is not critical today, my thought process is that it will be easier for me to make the transition now. I feel badly for the folks who have taken the steps to get my posts in their in box.  For them, and anyone here, reading this, here is my forwarding address


I will be moving my content to the new site over the next few days. so if you are wanting to get the cowl pattern, or grab the pdf technique tutorial, Please rest assured, I will be taking it with me.


See you soon at the new abode.



How to: Non-Slip Crochet Slipper Bottoms

In my continuing effort to improve my products, I am always willing to try something suggested by an artist I respect. I haven’t actually tried this yet, I have been using a different method. I am intrigued by this. I like the idea that it does not “feel” like there is something on them. I would love to hear some of your thoughts.

It is so easy

I have been testing crochet patterns for a fair amount of time. It took me a while to gain confidence. There is a process. The comfort with admitting I didn’t get it, Knowing (or hoping) that offering suggestions on things that might make it easier to understand, or what I thought would improve the pattern, would be appreciated. It has all taken time. Over this period, I have developed a great relationship with several designers; When I see them call out for testers, I try to get in the mix. I really enjoy the process, and have a lot of fun with it.  I have learned so much, I am actually excited to be able to give back to the community that has been so welcoming and helpful.

I am currently working a test with one of those designers. She sent me the pattern as a rough draft (her words, not mine)  Of course, I read it through, looking for the typo’s, and then collected my supplies.  Half way through the first round, I shot her an Email, offering the suggestions that made sense to me. Today, I decided that I would put those ideas into a tutorial, and offer it to any and all.

It is not rocket science, it is just an easy way to step up the finish look of any project crocheted in the round, by starting it a bit differently. This is what I call Reverse Join.   Reverse Join tutorial.  (link opens in a pdf)

I truly love the way this works,  I have not seen this in a pattern written by anyone else.  Please understand, It may be out there, Someone may have employed this technique, I am saying it has not been in a pattern I have worked.

I have thoughts on adding more of these little hints and tricks as time goes along. Please add me to the blogs you follow, so you will be notified when I post more of them.

Have a great day

So many Options

I have continued delving into the world of “Publishing” Crochet Patterns

A quick Google Search revealed a multitude of Articles, some Blog Posts, with vague wording that held little meat, and some that were pretty good reads.  I enjoyed the articles that had meat to them. The ones that actually gave information relevant to the process. I hope I can offer tangible information here, I do not want to offer a page that has a bunch of words, but no value.

I read this article with interest, Even though it is 5 years old, I did not discover outdated information.

This posting gave an interesting perspective, and I actually pondered some of the author’s words more than once. I will say as a disclaimer, she is not a designer, and yet I found the thought put into this article really provoking. A sort of “grab you by the belt and hold you up” read.

The most straight forward information came from the publications themselves.  I am looking really closely at two different publications.  I also have a yarn company in my site-line.

I have also moved forward, all be it ever so slowly, to the pattern development phase, I like where it is going, I have a road ahead of me. It isn’t paved, but for now, I am not stomping in mud puddles, or tripping over rocks.


A day of shared warmth

My Mom suffers from Dementia. A bold, out of no where statement, that seems to have no foundation. A very “true to life” occurrence.

It is all to often the way we are given information. A shot, hard and fast, in the head, the gut or the Arse. It is just there. Deal with it!

I do not have as much contact with my mom as I would like, Most of the time she has no idea who I am. I hate the idea that I might be the cause of fear, confusion and her own frailties eating at her.  Between Christmas and New Years, I took a chance that another family member might be there. I called, and had a 30 minute conversation with her.  She knew me, recognized my voice and was delighted to ask about where I was living, how the kids and grand kids are. She asked really good questions, and was really engaged. Then she asked them all again. She asked for my mailing address, I gave it, One line at a time, and waited as she recited it back, as if she were writing it down. She forgot the write it down part.  It was a few minutes later, she asked for the address. I acknowledged that we had started that, and asked her to read back what she had, so I could finish giving it to her.  She didn’t have paper. I reminded her where she keeps the pad, and waited for her to be ready to write it down. This went back and forth, with her finially being able to read my address back to me. I was wondering what else to try and talk about, or end the call when she asked me,  ‘What recipe did you want? Remind me Honey, you understand how hard this is”  My eyes glazed over, and I was blinking faster than I knew how to cope. I had not asked for a recipe, She had wanted to have the address. In that moment, I said the first thing that came to mind, “Grace’s Scotties” was the reply. She gulped, and told me that Grace is her cousin, but  It was just a couple seconds before she was saying something unrelated.

I heard my Nephew’s dog barking in the background, and then additional voices, so the chance to end the call with out hardship presented itself. I took it, knowing that we had shared one of those rare “Warm Moments’. I was in tears as we hung up the phone.

I was thinking about the disease process, the years we had wasted wishing the other was something other than who we are. I was just feeling melancholy and sad. I was thinking of my older Brother who loved Graces Scotties more than any other human being I knew. Dave passed away about a year ago. I was just SAD. I also decided that I wanted that recipe.   I would have to ask my other brother to dig it out for me.  Not an easy task, as he had all the patients in the world for Mom’s issues, but not for hunting through years worth of clutter, trying not to find something.

Fast forward to this morning. I wanted to make bread. a great way to warm up the house, create wonderful smells, and work my hands with the kneading process. I scrounged through four card files, I could not locate the one I wanted. But I found


Front side of the 3X5 card


Back Side of the card. All the instructions. LOL, I think, based on Mom’s hand, I have likely had this about 25 years.




I use an Ice Cream Scoop to get nice sized cookies, without getting my hands in it (Thanks Martha Stewart)


the card says Sugar, but I add 1/4 tsp ground Cloves to my Sugar. It gives a special touch to my Oatmeal cookies.


put the bottom of the glass in the cookie dough, so it has moisture on the bottom, then into the sugar

Smash the cookie to about 3/8 inch thick.  If you forget to dip it in the sugar between cookies, you get this


Check Your oven temp. You want these to go into a Hot oven, they get a crisp-ish crust, but the interior is very moist



Watch them, the edges will get beautiful brown, and then, if you are occupied with other things, they may burn, or


fall victim to a child lured in by the “What’s that Smell?” question


The girls want me to make them again tomorrow, so they can help next time.

If you make them, Please come tell me your thoughts. Thanks for visiting, you can click the button on the bottom, so you follow me. Who knows what the next post might be about. Maybe more on the published pattern pursuit.

A Gift for you

That is what the card said.

I was so eager to open the package. I recognized the senders name, and address, but I had not ordered anything yet. She had a hook I wanted, but I had asked her to hold it for me until the 6th. had she sent it anyway, knowing that I would pay her on the 6th?  In my mind, I am eager, and yet thinking I need to caution her, sometimes my world does not work the way I want it to.  This is what I found inside the package. It is the hook, but not an extension of credit from Tera. A gift from another friend. Completely unexpected. My eyes stung just a bit.


I grabbed it, with enough surprise in my action that my cat ran off, (Sorry Bear) I felt the tool like I was afraid of it, and wanted to ingest it at the same time. I could tell it was going to take some getting used to, It is remarkably light weight. Like holing solid air. I could also tell it would need a bit of smoothing. Instead of grabbing the 200 grit sand paper, I went for the cotton yarn I was building a bib with. I formed a slip knot, and put it on the hook as if to hook a chain. My husband looked at me in amazement while I  ran this loop up and down the length of the hook. He has watched me do odd things in the past, but this struck him as particularly bizarre. Before long, I was giddy. The hook picked up a shine, like freshly buffed shoes, and felt undeniably smooth. A few minutes later, I was perched on the porch giving this new toy a trial run. Because of the blunt head, I chose to work a swatch in the Linen Stitch. ( just learned the name of this one, I had always called it Mile-A- Minute) {another post, for another day} 

It took a few minutes to get things rolling smoothly. there is a natural burr, right behind the head of the hook that wants to catch, and stop the rapid flow of the stitch. I will be spending more time working with Cotton yarn, and then thread to ease that little area into submission. It improved dramatically in just the few minutes I worked on the swatch.Image

While I originally planned on doing a quick little “Thank You” to the sender, and the creator of this wonderful Cotton hook, it has in fairness become a review. So let’s make it a fair review.

I will start by saying, I LOVE IT

This type hook is not for everyone.Think of Olivander’s Wands, and how they chose their owner. This is exactly like that.  It requires an investment. Before you purchase the hook, take the time to look at them. If a hook has a visual interest, but an odd angle, ask Tera to post a photo of her holding the hook. Does it look like a fit you can work with? Once you have it home, then the TIME element will become obvious. The cotton stalk it is carved from will yield to it’s user, but. It will take time to ease into a fit.

 5 years ago, I would not have appreciated it. I was in a place where, out of the box, I wanted instant gratification. If that is you, Stick with commercially made aluminum or plastic hooks.

Ready to see, feel and work with a custom designed hook, created from an amazingly resilient renewable resource? visit Tera at  Trifles and Treasures  



A New Year and A New Direction

I have a goal. In the year 2014, want to write a crochet pattern to be published in a Crochet Magazine. 

I have a pattern concept in mind, I can see it in my mind. I know the yarn I want to use, I can feel the fabric as it falls off the hook. It is soft and flexible, and yet does not fall limp. It will be scrumptious, and very desirable. Of this I have no doubt.

In order to achieve this, I have research to do. Some is clear, Which Publications accept pattern contributions from ‘unknown” designers? What are the requirements of the patterns being submitted? How are patterns submitted? 

It would seem there are a multiple of questions to be answered, and if you want to follow along as I go through this process, I would be tickled to share the journey with you. Please take just a minute to let me know you are here. If there is something you think I am missing, PLEASE share with me. We learn something new every day, and you may just be my teacher today.